A Review- Time Traveller’s Wife

I read a classic that I have been wanting to read for a while- titled the Time Traveller’s Wife. It is a beautifully narrated tale of Clare and Henry. Henry has been gifted with the peculiar ability to travel back and forth in time. He wafts through to his past, and can also magically float to his future. This rare talent is what brings the couple together, as the protagonist meets the love of his life as a time traveller – and tells her that it is a matter of time that they would get married (much to her obvious discomfort and shock!). Appearing stark naked, hungry and ranging between different ages, depending on the year he is travelling back from, he finds a pile of clothes and nourishment waiting for him outside the dutiful girl’s house, who waits for each of his returns fervishly . He spends time with the young Clare, occasionally giving her a peek of what the future holds for them. He keeps visiting her throughout her childhood, till she is eighteen. He tells her on her eighteenth birthday,that the next time they meet- it would be his present self, and for him it would be the first time.

The book is narrated from the eyes of both the characters in alternate chapters. It beautifully captures the fears of Clare- how she waits for him, each time to return, keeping it a secret till they finally meet and get married eventually. The second half of the book reflects the typical worries of a wife, as her husband goes missing at unnatural hours (including the day of their wedding)- only to return sometimes hurt, injured or back from the times he spent with Clare as a young child- and together they put together the pieces of the puzzle- their life that is. Henry, feels overwhelmed by the genetic disease that he is possessed with, and is a living mystery for the people who is acquainted with, due to his ability to read the future and also his sudden disappearances.

At the heart of the novel is a story of friendship, trust, and immense faith. Henry wins your heart as the witty and gentle fellow who looks out for Clare as she’s growing up with the constant dilemma that it’s all a lie- and that Henry would disappear one day, never to return again. Clare on the other hand pulls at your heart strings for being a believer, even as others question and doubt her relationship with the ghostly character which is Henry.

If not for anything else, it’s a must read for the sheer reassurance that it provides. It depicts that love can be magical, life-altering and most of all, worth all the pain, hardships and sacrifices.

Creative Commons Licence
A Review- Time Traveller’s Wife by Devika Bedia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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